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At Women on the Fly it's our vision to create authentic and unparalleled pampered fly fishing clinics that offer great outdoor experiences.

We offer dry land fly fishing clinics that will encourage and inspire you. Learning new things, stepping out and discovering a new sense of yourself - this is when all your senses come alive. Your journey begins with
Women on the Fly where your adventure is only a click away.


Elizabeth is owner and founder of Women on the Fly. She's absolutely passionate about introducing people to the sport of fly fishing and is an experienced guide and casting instructor.

Elizabeth brings over 20 years of fly fishing experience and has fished numerous fly water located across Washington, Montana, Idaho, Colorado, Alaska, Florida, Bahamas, and the Yucatan. She has fished for numerous fresh and salt water species.

Elizabeth believes that getting people out of their daily routines and into nature to experience the thrill-of-the-tug of a fish hidden beneath the current has the potential to change lives. Her mission is to build a community that inspires living life to its fullest and experiencing our natural world in a way that leads to caring for people and our planet.


Women on the Fly gives back to protect water and fish habitat - 5% of all proceeds from clinics are donated to non-profits that work to preserve and protect our planet. Elizabeth has served on numerous non-profit Boards including The Sawtooth Society and Earth Economics. 

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